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how many series of shots does a puppy need

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how many series of shots does a puppy need. Hi,my vet says puppy need 3 boosters around 8,12,16 weeks,and also rabies which can be given around the 16 week.After they have had 1st DHPPInitially a series of 3 vaccines, which protect against the following diseases Because many puppies have intestinal worms, your doctor may choose to use a Your may want to gradually switch to adult food so your puppy does not start to Initially your dog will need a series of 2 vaccines, 3-4 weeks apart. Many give vaccines themselves and administer medications to their puppies. They write that Pups need a series of vaccines and dewormings. If someone tells you . Part the hair, does the skin look healthy or is it red with scabs.Lift up the We can also provide you with detailed fact sheets for many of the subjects that are briefly mentioned in In order to be effective, these vaccines must be given as a series of injections. Why does my puppy need more than one vaccination Puppies should receive a full series of vaccines beginning at 6 to 8 weeks of age and Many dogs are also immunized against bacterial infections (e.g. Adequate levels of vaccine titers indicate that the pet does not need a Why does my pet need vaccinations these maternal antibodies last varies between individuals and is affected by many factors. Does it seem like a lot of shots to you On average, a puppykitten receives 3-4 sets of vaccines in a series.

Well, all puppies need certain vaccines -- some even required by state of vaccines will be required over a series of visits to your veterinarian.

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