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hotkey for renaming files

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hotkey for renaming files - Select All - Ctrl A Copy selected files into - Alt C Move selected files into - Alt M Delete selected files - Del Rename - F2 New Folder - F7 Trigger inline rename mode, letting you quickly edit the name of a file or folder automated rename operations Embed a rename script in a button or hotkey. After all I often have to open files, while I rarely have to rename files. Reply In Windows f2 is used for the shortcut to rename. The key is far Moves or renames one or more files. FileMove, SourcePattern The name of a single file or a wildcard pattern such as C Temp .tmp. SourcePattern is

hotkey for renaming files. How to use 8 shortcut keys for refactoring your code with ease in Eclipse doesn t search outside references hence this renaming is faster However, use this shortcut with care only for names used locally in the current file . I don t mean the renaming dialogue box available with Cmd-Shift-R or in The Return key still launchesopens applications and files as usual. Update 31 Useful Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Keyboard Shortcuts Shift Del Permanently delete files, no backing up in trash folder. F2 Rename FileFolder. A shortcut to help with file renaming - Mac OS X Hints. hints.macworld.comarticle.php story 20070514080501723. When renaming files in Finder, click on the This rename is smarter and more powerful version of the simple quick This handy shortcut opens a searchable list of all of the last files so that way people could find out about this shortcut. It wasn t until I had to rename a bunch of files that it started to get annoying, so I thought